Sales Managers
eSMS was designed to help manage the sales process by providing information in a consistant manner.
  • Mentor new dealers and sales staff
  • Increase productivity through collaboration and improved communication
  • Information is live, no waiting until next week for information you need today
  • Easily and accurately report inventory for the dealers in your district or region
  • Product availability can be restricted to the district level for products with limited availability
  • Standardized product names to reduce errors and inventory issues
  • Electronic order submission process
  • More accurate product delivery to the dealer and customers
  • Dealer inventory reconciliation through out the sales year
  • All reports can be exported to Word, Excel and PDF
  • Advanced reporting
    • Inventory Summary by Dealer
    • Inventory Summary by District
    • Inventory Summary by Region
    • Inventory Summary by Product
    • Inventory Summary by Customer
    • Grower Point of Sale (GPOS)
    • Order Summary by Customer
    • Plot reporting

Sales managers can maintain the information for small dealers so that all the information is available in one place.